One of the female graves from Frojel. She has a box brooch close to her head, and an armring on her rigth arm.

Excavations have been carried out between 1987-1990, and between 1998-2005. In all, some 1500 m2 has been investigated of a total area of about 100.000 m2. In other words, 1,5 % of the total area has been investigated. The excavations were finished with the 2005 field season. Below, there are some reports dealing with the investigations up to 2003. Lack of time has kept us from compile all the results up to 2005.

For time being, there are work on way to investigate and publish the huge material form our excavations, consisting of some 40 000 objects from houses, workshops, water wells and graves. Some 150 graves in all have been investigated. Below, there are links to some reports from the excavations carried out between 1998-2002.


Excavation reports 1999:  1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10

Excavation report 2000:  

Excavation report 2001:  1 

Excavation report 2002:  1 

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