Welcome to Gotland Field School Archive

In this section, we will try to have as much information as possible about Gotland History, and specifically about Viking  Age and excavations carried out through Gotland Archaeological Field School. Unfortunately, not a lot of it is in English yet. You will also find material connected directly to our field work, as terms and conditions, application form, field manual and other documents. 

An interesting book about Gotland, dealing with the biggest silver hoard from Viking Age ever found in Scandinavia (it weighed in all 67 kilo!), was published a few years ago. The hoard was found by pure chance, and the following excavations gave ample evidence of a complex area of settlement, a depot of bronze objects and a huge number of other objects, besides the silver hoard. 

During 2016, there will, hopefully, be an English version of a book about the excavation site for the last 3 years (Paviken), that is a compilation of our today knowledge of the area. Today, there is a Swedish version of the book, dealing with the archaeological history of the area. It can be found here.

In the meantime, there is a small article about weights from Paviken to be read. Please see under further reading to the right.

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