The Viking World

There are many museums, exhibitions, and re-enactment groups dealing with promoting the Viking World. On the international level, there is the Council of Europe Viking route, now under the care of Destination Viking Association (, promoting sites and monuments of Viking Internst around the world. In the early work of the Viking route, a guidebook to the most importan 50 sites, and some 250 secondary sites, were published.

Several of other places are on the World Heritage List, like Birka in Sweden, Jellinge in Denmark, Hedeby in Germany, Novgorod and Starya Ladoga in Russia and L'Ans aux Meadows on the island Newfoundland in Canada.

Besides these well know sites, ther are hundreds of other important sites, not at least in Scandinavia. Museums like Vikingaskeppshallen in Oslo, Norway (, Historiska museet in Stockholm (, Sweden, and Vikingeskipshallen in Roskilde, Denmark are a few of all the important museums dealing with the Viking Heritage.

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